Pink is Not a Stupid Girl


Pink is called a feminist of the pop music. She does not scare the term Feminism and also she calls herself as a feminist. She does not just seem like feminist , she acts and writes lyrics as a feminist. What is feminism? According to the definition, feminists want equal rights with men as we all wish. However, media shows some stereotypes that no one wants to call themselves like hairy, man-hater ,unattractive to define feminists. Many pop music artist like Lady Gaga, Beyonce , Britney Spears and Madonna seem like feminists but they’re just showing their body and using sexuality to get attention. You can think that they are feminist because they can do whatever they want, but it does not mean that they are feminists. They may want to show their body but they are selling their bodies. Pink opposes them. She also does everything that she wants and shows her body as well, but she is not doing it in self-objecting way. Many pop artist except Pink are sexual objects for men. We can see Pink’s attitude in many ways like her music. Both her lyrics and videos supports feminism which is an excellent example that ”Stupid Girls” represents feminism.

She underlines every stereotypes that men want to see in girls which forced by pop culture. Look at the lyrics: ”What happened to the dreams of a girl president She’s dancing in the video next to 50 Cent”. She criticizes pop culture women with every words in that song. Moreover, She also criticize many artists like Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in the video clip. The car washing scene is made for criticizing the Jessica Simpson’s music video ”These boots are made for walkin”.jessica_simpson__jessica_simpson_these_boots_are_made_for_walking_collage_wpvaHYZ_sized

Unlike her, Pink works with her music and lyrics because when sexuality represented as self-objected then music stays back. “In the ’50s, women were supposed to just smile and stay in the kitchen. Now we’re supposed to just smile and run around and look sexy. The big difference is, instead of men telling us to do this, we’re doing it to ourselves,” a clearly frustrated Pink told the New York Daily News last year.*

You can call her a mean girl but Pink is one of a few artists that doesn’t afraid of the word ”feminist” and she does, wears, acts and says whatever she wants. That’s what makes her songs so raw and powerful.



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