Instagram: An Era of Hashtags

As Steve Jobs kept on fascinating us with Apple’s continuous inventions and upgrades, one of the iPhone applications, Instagram, became an imminent pop figure in most of our lives. At first, this popularity reminded me of Facebook’s success and I instantly realized how much they resemble each other. Both are the ways people share their personal lives through their posted photos, written thoughts (sometimes as hashtags) and likes. This shows us people’s utmost curiosity on how much they thrive to open up themselves to others.  I believe this is the result of the isolated and with-drawn 21st century person who is in a struggle to find his/her identity. As people began to communicate less and got attached to computers, televisions and other gadgets, socializing became almost impossible in one’s life. So these individuals commenced to get involved with Instagram and likewise tools to get out of their nutshells and observe what others have been doing recently. And with the addition of most desired and idolized celebrities, people’s involvement in this epidemic became inevitable.

If Instagram becomes obsolete, then there will be another application, program etc. to take place of it and run the empty reign. As long as the 21st century brings up more of these technological devices and programs that create deserted individuals, the fate of the humanbeing will continue to be the same and perhaps one’s detachment from the community will be deeper than it has already been. 


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