Pilates, on the contrary of widespread belief that it is a new method of sport,  is actually physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. So why it took a hundred years to be popular in the society, especially between women?  During the 20th century, appearance and shape became more and more important for women thanks to some designers like Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Sonia Delaunay, etc… When we approach to millenium, it is understood that magnificent bodies was essential for magnificent dress. At this point women decided to lean in another new subject for themselves: body shaping. Nowadays, having a flamboyant body curves is at the peak point between the speeches of Turkish women. That is why we met Pilates 100 years after of its invention. I can clearly say that Pilates is a new and long-lasting member of Turkish pop culture. I think the main reason that makes Pilates so popular is the examples it gave to the women society; for example ex-model Ebru Şallı. At first Ebru Şallı was just an example of person who puts Pilates into practice but afterwards she became an industrial object. Now, she is the star of its own TV show, has its own brand that sells pilates CDs, balls and sports mats.

I firmly believe that, despite its economical sides, Pilates should keep its importance in the society. Because, more or less, it makes sport a part of our lives even if we do not have enough time to make a team sport. Pilates should be seen as a beneficial trend and as a way of express ourselves in the society.


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