The Nightmare of the New Year’s Eve: Victoria’ Secret Fashion Show

I think lots of us are familiar with the Victoria’s Secret’s fashion shows. Especially the ones which aired in the new year’s eve. People who are celebrating the new year at home usually watches the show. Beautiful women who wears million dollar worth bras and underwear is quite a turn on for all kinds of people. Women watches them with envy and man gaze at them like they were angels, I mean a some kind of angel but not the ones that we know from holy writings. It may seem like it is just a show or a kind of advertisement which contains entertainment. But unfortunately it’s influence does not ends in one night. You may like to read that paper which is well written and straight to the point and explains the whole situation with real data. Have a good year! You just watched a show which plated the idea that there are sociocultural norms for beauty, self-worth depends on these norms and it will be nearly impossible to acquire those requirements. In the paper the study proves that female adolescents are more likely to influenced by sociocultural norms for appearance because they are the main target in the mass media. The appearance for self esteem and contingencies of self-worth is negatively affected by shows, advertisements etc. which contains ideal body image of female body and beauty.

Assume that you are watching Victoria’s Secret fashion show  in the new year with your boyfriend and your friend group. It is expectable that boys will focus on the TV screen with a sparkle in their eyes. Meanwhile females add a new  year’s resolution  in their lists ‘I am definitely starting a healthy diet in this year. I will exercise more!’.  Maybe unconsciously you will approach to your boyfriend because you feel like there is competitor which you cannot even see.

Also you may enjoy this article too: Reasons for Watching the Victoria’s Secret Show


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