Join Illuminati, Be Popular


There is a popular term that we can see figures about it in music videos, TV series and movies. This is called ”The Illuminati”.  People are talking about it and they thought that the illuminati controls everything all around the world. Actually, ,illuminati is a name of Enlightenment-era secret society’s groups. These kind of groups support education, women’s education and gender equality and oppose to the oppressive things. Although their opinions seem as a good idea, many authors believe that they are faithless, brainwashed and adore to demon. There are many superstitions about illuminati like them. Moreover, some people say that Mason’s also joined to the illuminati. Most authors still believe that illuminati exists and they are responsible for military, economy and politics. There are many symbols which implies the illuminati like triangle, checkered figures, the eye figure , pyramids, Baphomet (which is devil and has two genders) and numbers like 666.
They are all symbols of it and can be seen in the media all the time. Music videos are totally great examples of that. For example, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Researches believe that Rihanna is the princess of illuminati and Gaga is the queen. We can see many figures like pyramids , checkers , eye figure and triangles in Rihanna’s ”Who’s that chick” music video.

Moreover we can absolutely see ”The Princess of Illuminati” writing on the background in the video of ” S&M” at 2.51 and also in the notebook which is used by the journalist actors.

It seems like every music videos have these kind of symbols slightly but it is getting more obvious day by day. Kesha’s new music video of ” Die Young” is an excellent example that contains all symbols that you should watch.

I mentioned mostly music videos but there are many examples of movies also. My question is why? Why music videos have these kind of subliminal messages? Are they really about illuminati? Viewers wonder what and why are they doing this and they watch more music videos. They are giving more and more messages with symbols even the scenario does not related to the lyrics.  Are these singers toys of illuminati groups or are they just wanna get an attention from society?

ILLUMINATI celebrities- hand covering eye - all seeing eye gesture lady gaga


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