“Good Girl Gone Bad” Miley Cyrus

 Today, there is an unavoidably wide population of teenagers who are exposed to mass media’s idealized illustrations of feminine beauty. Most of the time, this idealized female beauty and body type shows its self as sex icons. Now, on the one hand we have a very dynamic population of adolescents that admire celebrities and see them as role models in their lives. On the other hand, those fancied celebrities turn out to be the worst and inappropriate role models by being used such as puppets(sex icons) in the media. One of the latest shocking event that everyone is talking about is how Disney’s cute funny girl transformed into a tool of media by using her sexuality in an extremely explicit way. Well, truly, I can say that this spontaneous change brought an immense tension to those who fancied “Hannah Montana” before actually being “Miley Cyrus”. Furthermore, this transform is also creating conflictions between the fans and their perspectives of sexuality. What I am trying to say is considering Miley Cyrus’s fans’ arithmetic age, which mostly refers to the age of puberty or young teen-ages, the way she displays herself in her current music videos aren’t morally acceptable and giving wrong messages about sexuality. As we all know puberty is a very crucial era for most of the children’s psychological development and their acquaintance to important   concepts. Therefore, parents must undertake some responsibility in order to raise mentally and physically healthy children.  There are plenty things that people and society can do to minimize the negative effects of media’s understanding of feminine beauty. But, in my opinion, the most important thing is to prevent children from excessive TV consumption and try to spend more time with each other. If not, at least, parents should teach their children what is ethic or not. Moreover media should leave its obsession by giving emphasis on sexuality by using celebrities.

The last things I’d like to say is we are kind of in a dangerous psychological game here. We love to spend our time by watching  different kinds of TV programs, celebrities’ lives etc. But we also think that they are wrong. As humans we are kind of addicted to media ad we shouldn’t get into these fantasies.

Although Miley Cyrus was criticized very toughly she was also welcomed by a majority of people. Personally what I think that sexuality must not be used against to public especially to the younger generation.


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