Beauvoir’s Stepford Wives

It is really hard to find a pop culture material which covers “Feminism” objectively with a philosophical perspective. So, when i watched the movie “The Stepford WivImagees”  i was surprised to see how well the existentialist feminism of Beauvoir is handled. In the movie, a successful business woman Joanna was shown as a figure of ambitious hard working woman who actually does not pay much attention to her husband and home. (This criticized point is one of the stereotypes of old fashioned feminists who were career oriented fighting with men, with a troubled family life.) After she had a big failure in her career, they move to a small town called Stepford where everyone seems to be happy. But there was a wierdness related to the work distribution between men and women. All women were in the form of “typical” or “ideal” woman image which is under control of their husbands and satisfies them physically and emotionally. However all the women were unnaturally happy about this situation. So Joanna decided to accept that certain “women works” and try to be as a woman that she is supposed to be. ( This situation turns women into an object whose essence is determined in advanced and they are not able to create their own values and desicions freely. And this is what feminist are actually against.) But it did not seem to work. After many scene, it came up that all the women were transformed into robots by their husbands. The initial project was of a woman who was career-minded and therefore had problems with her husband. ( This again points out the misleading understanding of feminism that women have to be successful in business and do not care any about their partners. ) It was ended with the message that everyone – male or female – must be free to decide what they want to be and how they act rather than being a toy of others ( a sex object or a housemaid) or pushed completely through the opposite side ( ambitious and mannish business jerks who hate men). Real feminism should not put you in just one format, it should just bring women the equal opportunity with men to be as they want.


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